[PlanetCCRMA] USB2 Soundcard

Serie gmunu@free.fr
Wed Aug 3 06:12:01 2005

Henk Jansen a écrit :

>I've also heard someone say that Firewire
>compatible soundcards are not (...will not be...) widely supported by
Are you sure of that?
It is not a good news... because a lot of new external sound cards works 
in firewire....

>As for now, I'll put my money to a Centrino compatible machine
>(preferrably a IBM Thinkpad T40 if I can put my hands on it) with an
>M-Audio Audiophile USB (1.1) card, and anticipating the future since the
>Centrino compatible laptops always have USB2.0 connections
Maybe it is a good choice, It seems to one of the supported cards in the 
Alsa sound card Matrix.