[PlanetCCRMA] Upgrading planetccrma from FC1 to FC3

Joe Curtis jccmusic@f2s.com
Tue Aug 2 13:48:01 2005

I have been successfully operating a planetccrma FC1 setup on an old AMD
K2 300 machine with 256k RAM and CM8738 & ES1371 sound cards for some 18
months. I recently decided to try upgrading the setup to FC3. My initial
attempt at doing the upgrade using the FC3 ISO images downloaded from
the planetccrma site seemed to be OK until I tried to use APT when I
started getting messages about missing libraries etc. My second attempt
was to to install FC3 from scratch. Having installed FC3, I installed
APT and downloaded and installed the planetccrma FC3 kernel. When I
attempt to  boot using the planetccrma FC3 kernel the  system just
reboots each time, however, booting from the original FC3 kernel gives
no problems. Have you any suggestions as to how I should proceed.

Joe Curtis