[PlanetCCRMA] Kernel Edge Problems

bitwLister lister@bitwisetech.com
Thu Apr 28 04:43:02 2005


   I think I'm seeing a problem with the latest 2.6.11 edge kernel, I have  
the nvidia drivers installed
and the emu10k1 soundcard; been seeing this problem off and on with  
various palnet edge kernel upgrades.

   If I try to start flightgear, the box hangs completely, must reset.  If  
I attach anything ( muVo or
  pic programmer ) .... to a usb port, the same thing happens if 'startx'  
has been run. In a console
environment, plugging into USB causes an endless stream of messages on the  
console along the lines
of >>

   alsa-driver-1.0.9rc1/pci/emu10k1/irq.c  181  ... and register info

  It's a creaking ABIT board with the caps problem so I'm in the process of  
replacing it but I'm
not convinced this is a mobo problem any more, the hang goes away if i  
reboot to 2.6.9 and
rebuild the nvidia drivers; these effects were absent a couple of weeks  
ago at the previous
planet edge kernel level, too.  Should I bleat to the alsa folk ?

Thanks for CCRMA, Polly