[PlanetCCRMA] installing CCRMA wothout internet

Jon Lewis lewis.jon@att.net
Wed Apr 27 22:52:01 2005

I am trying to install the PlanetCCRMA kernel without an Internet connection at the install machine (but I do have one at work). Therefore, among other reasons, I decided on using FC1, but my drives are SATA which it does not recognize. Ultimately this is the distribution I would prefer, but it is my understanding that as a “newbie” getting FC1 to see my SATA drives is near impossible. Is this true? If not, how do I do it?

At that Point, I decided to go with FC2. I realize that there are not yet any iso files for the CCRMA rpms, but is there a way to download them and put them on a disk manually? I have downloaded and installed FC2 (from CCRMA) and gone through the procedure to install and configure apt. But, without an Internet connection I am stuck at this point. What can I do? Again, I would ultimately prefer FC1, but if it is not possible to get it to use my SATA drives how do I install CCRMA on FC2 without a direct Internet connection?  

Please excuse the redundancy as I have posted this to both the CCRMA and ARDOUR lists in order to get any help possible. 
Thank you for you help,