[PlanetCCRMA] jack d at startup

Shayne O'Connor forums@machinehasnoagenda.com
Sun Apr 24 18:16:01 2005

Turkay Guner wrote:

> Hi Shayne,
> I did what you told, but now, my user session is not starting any
> more. I only can log as root. Login screen stucks after i enter the
> password. I'm using Fedora Core 3 with Gnome. Tell me how can i fix
> this, what should i do?

hmm, that's no good ... could be a bit more complicated than just doing
what i said then ... i have no problem having qjackctl startup at boot,
but i don't have the jack server set to start when qjackctl does ...
i'll test out what happens if i do ... (gulp).

as for the immediate problem of logging in as normal user, you'll have
to log in as root first, browse to the normal user's home folder and
edit or delete the file that gnome keeps its session information in (not
sure, am using XFCE4 myself, but it's probly in ~/.gnome/session).

you should then be able to login as the normal user ...

then you'll probly have to wait till someone else knows a bit more about
what you want to do :)