[PlanetCCRMA] Lecommended sampler with included sample editor

mArukqs marukas@hardcore.lt
Sun Apr 24 06:35:02 2005


I am looking for a software sample player and sample editor (all in one)
with following features:
1) MIDI, jack
2) record and edit samples DIRECTLY in aplication while playing (I use
Rosegarden or seq24 as a sequencers)
3) preview sample before importing it

I tried Swami, but it has very complex system of banks and instruments. I
just want to go thru my sample directories and hear how the sample sounds
in my song IMMEDIATELY, without messing with instruments and banks.

Also I want to edit my sample directly in sampler application, because
editing in external application, saving sample to file, loading the file
in sampler application takes too much time.

I remember old good FastTracker for DOS where I was able to import the
sample from WAV, reverse it, cut or copy any part of it, fade in/out,
normalize. I was able to hear changes in the song immediately after
editing a sample and it was a REALL FUN!

I would like to concentrate on sound but not on file system and switching
between applications.

Any suggestions,