[PlanetCCRMA] Installation Failure w/audio-apps

Tim Berghoff BlackCount@gmx.net
Thu Apr 21 15:17:01 2005

I just tried to install the ccrma audioapps-pack, but FC3 won't install 
it due to some missing packages. Everything points to a missing file or 
package named
But since I am a total noob, I donīt know where to get that special 
package. I didn't find it on rpmseek.com, there were just rpms for SuSE, 
FC2, Debian and Mandrake.  Anyway isnīt this package supposed to be 
installed automatically? Never mind, but can anyone give me a hand with 
this? I was already told that my installation might be inconsistent and 
I'd better re-install FC3, but I want to avoid that as long as possible. 
And there's got to be some way to get rid of this problem, doesn't it? 
Pls be patient with me, I am still trying to learn..