[PlanetCCRMA] firewire 800 drive system, SBP2 and fc2 or

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 21:03:03 2005


I'm planning a change from SCSI drive system to
firewire 800 and am looking at upgrading from RH9 to a
Fedora Core.

I don't know much about firewire but am I right in
assuming that it's the SBP2 that's used to manage
hotplugging of HDDs? Am I correct in assuming that
these modules are part of the Planet CCRMA 2.6

It's very important for me to have xrun free
performance because this system will be running in my
studio. It doesn't matter if I get xruns from
applications that aren't realtime safe. However, I
can't have any xruns from the drive system when I'm
recording with Ardour. Are the 2.6 kernels ready for

I'm looking at a couple firewire controlers.

The Adaptec 8300 controler has recieved several
favorable reviews at

Then there's
At least they mention linux support on the site.

If anyone has experience with firewire 800 drive
systems or insites I'd appreciate hearing about it.

This is the type of enclosure I'm considering
http://www.cooldrives.com/bliceul2fi80.html I don't
care so much about running raid anymore. The dual
enclosures will enable clients to purchase two drives
where I'd simply use rsync to create the backup.

The dual bays will also enable me to replace the old
2X SCSI CD-R with a firewire DVD-R/CD-R. I'd like to
have DVD and CD recordable in one firewire device. If
anyone has something like this please let me know.

I hate changing my system but the SCSI stuff is simply
stupid expensive so I've got some motivation to shop.
My second least favorite activity is shopping and
figuring out what's up. Help!


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