[PlanetCCRMA] qsynth/fluidsynth

Aaron Trumm aaron@nquit.com
Thu Apr 14 09:52:00 2005

> > does anyone what am I doing wrong?  or is there a problem going on?
> >
> You're doing nothing wrong. Only your expectations were :)
> Look at it as a soundfont stack. Patches with the same bank+program number
> are overriden by the soundfonts that have been last loaded. E.g. if you
> have two fully GM mapped soundfonts loaded, most probably you can only
> access the programs of the second loaded soundfont.
> One solution is loading this "conflicting" soudfonts on different
> qsynth/fluidsynth engines.

*nod* a couple hours after I sent this I read an archived mail to this list
where you basically said the same thing - so that brings up a question - how
come I can't seem to open multiple instances of qsynth without it
complaining that it can't access jack ("can't create audio driver")? - I
don't recall this happening before - but definitely right now I can only
open one instance of qsynth or fluidsynth...

so if I'm to understand it - if one sound found is bank 128 and the other is
0, they'll both load at once - so if I had, say 16 soundfonts that were all
different bank numbers, then I could load them all in one instance - which
means I would have to edit the soundfont?  I'm not sure I understand this
notion of the banks.  it's like within the soundfont, it's definited as bank
0 or 1 or 128 or whatever?

> Cheers.
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