[PlanetCCRMA] MAudio interfaces (kinda OT)

Paul Coccoli Paul Coccoli <pcoccoli@gmail.com>
Thu Apr 14 08:16:01 2005

On 4/14/05, Michael Gurevich <gurevich@ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sort of a continuation of the thread from yesterday about M-Audio
> interfaces (which I deleted -- oops). I'm now considering a new interface
> for a new machine. I liked the Delta66/Omni I/O combination at ccrma, but
> the omni I/O is discontinued (why? - [note to anyone who works at
> M-Audio: the Delta66 product page still lists the OmniI/O as a feature]).
> I'd really like to have the preamps/trim pots on the breakout box. Is
> anyone using a comparable setup to the Delta66/OmniI/O that plays well
> with planetccrma?
> cheers.
> --

I use an M-Audio Delta 66.  All the Omni I/O gives you is a couple of
mic pres in the breakout box, which I don't see as that big of an
advantage.  I use an Audiobuddy as a 2 channel pre (and DI box).  I
also have a M-Audio Duo (also discontinued), which I use in standalone
mode as a 2 channel preamp with A/D which I can run into the S/PDIF on
the Delta 66 in order to record 6 channels at once (though I haven't
actually done that).  Last, I have a small Behringer mixer that gives
me 2 more mic pres (but no balanced outs on the mixer, unlike the two
M-Audio pre-amps).

While the Omni I/O may provide a simpler setup, it limits the way you
can use the Delta 66 in some ways.  I like the flexibility of the
regular breakout box combined with separate mic pres.  It leaves me
with an upgrade path.

I think all M-Audio cards should work the same with planetccrma.  I've
never had any problems with the Delta 66 on my RH9/planetccrma setup. 
The Omni I/O should be transparent to your machine; it's a completely
analog box and your computer doesn't care if it's there or not.  So
it's no different than the regualt breakout box + external mic

Hope that's useful and not too rambling...