[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie Questions

Kent R. Frazier k5knt@cox.net
Mon Apr 11 18:55:02 2005

Hi all,

I just discovered PlanetCCRMA while doing a search for information on
copying cassette tape to CD in linux. I've searched the archives, but I
was unable to locate an answer to my questions. Most likely I was using
an incorrect keyword or something.

Anyway, I'm not a professional recording engineer or musician, just your
average home user who wants to copy some cassette tapes to CD before
they completely self-destruct. 

I'm running Fedora Core 3 linux and I want to know if I can use the
PlanetCCRMA low-latency kernel for "normal" desktop use or would it be
better to use it for dedicated recording applications. Also, what
applications would be good for a new user to use to accomplish the
above? I've been looking at Audacity, as it seemed to have a user-
friendly gui. 

All suggestions, comments welcome.