[PlanetCCRMA] how to manually update ALSA modules? [was: Sound playback freezes system after updating kernel-modules-alsa]

Shayne O'Connor forums@machinehasnoagenda.com
Thu Apr 7 16:44:01 2005

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>Good. Same happened to Bradley, after reverting things work again.
>Something must have happened during the (re)build of the alsa packages
>are they were built from the same source components as 0.1.rc1. I still
>don't know exactly what is that happened. 
>>- except this version of alsa doesn't give me Lee Revell's multi-channel patch :(
>Yes, that is post rc1, I think.
>>so, it looks to me like it's the updated alsa modules that are causing
>>the problem - which reminds me: do i remember Alsa 1.09 RC1 needing a
>>patch from Lee to work properly with the EMU10k1? i'm sure Lee
>>recommended for all Soundblaster users to use RC2, not RC1?
>The rc1 I packaged has a couple of critical patches from Lee for the
>Emu10k1 driver, but not all the stuff that later went into rc2. 

ok, i'm gonna try building alsa 1.09 RC2 over the top of the CCRMA one -
just want to get my bearings solid on *exactly* how i should go about this.

previously, i've just been checking out the latest alsa cvs, the going
to the top level and doing:

./build prep

then, i go into the alsa-driver directory and do:

./configure --with-cards=emu10k1 --with-sequencer=yes
--with-moddir=/lib/modules/2.6.*.*(whichever kernel)/updates

then 'make' .... and then i get rid of all sound related stuff from
modprobe.conf, reboot, do a 'sudo make install' from the alsa-driver
directory, then do:

/sbin/modprobe snd-emu10k1;/sbin/modprobe snd-pcm-oss;/sbin/modprobe snd-mixer-oss;/sbin/modprobe snd-seq-oss

then i copy my backed-up modprobe.conf back to its proper place and reboot.

i've had some success with this in the past, but i think that was when
the CCRMA version i was updating was more in line with the CVS version
... but now, after having performed the above steps on my
retrograded/non-multi-channel alsa, i still don't get the multi-channel -

sooooo ... is it just alsa-driver that i need to install, all the
libraries and other packages as well?

(sorry, i've asked related questions to this a number of times before,
but it might take a while before i get it totally right).