[PlanetCCRMA] Need help getting CMedia / Delta 66 / Jack / Ardour working together.

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Sep 30 12:05:02 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 21:57, Brian Jarrett wrote:
> I've been working on this all throughout the day today and I haven't 
> really gotten anywhere.
> What I'd like is to get the CMedia onboard sound and my brand-new 
> Delta 66 working together specifically so I can send sound out to 
> my PC speakers until I can afford a good studio monitor setup.
> I've edited modules.conf and think I have everything correct there 
> because once I've started JACK, I cat /proc/asound/cards and see them 
> both listed.  I currently have the CMedia as card 0 and the Delta 66 
> as card 1.
> Once JACK is running I show 12 inputs under asla_pcm and 10 outputs!  
> The delta 66 has 4 analog and 1 spdif in and 4 analog and 1 spdif out.  
> Where are the other ports coming from?  Is there a way to change their 
> name so that it's more descriptive?

Jack is showing what ALSA tells it to show. And ALSA manages the envy24
chipset which always has 12 inputs and 10 outputs, even if they are not
connected to anything :-( I know, could be better :-) The analog inputs
and outputs you want to connect to are the first four ones, just ignore
the others (except for spdif, of course). I don't think there is an easy
way to change the names displayed. 

You can use the envy24control app to control your chipset in more detail
(part of the alsa-tools package). 

> I'm also having problems with Ardour in that I can't see the master 
> track and I can't create any tracks.  Once, after moving my ~/.asoundrc 
> file to ~/oldasoundrc I launched Jack and then Ardour, and the session 
> created the master track and allowed me to create more.

In general you don't need .asoundrc. Just don't use it for now. 

> As far as I can tell I think the drivers are all in place and working 
> properly.  I can run alsamixer -c 0 and it brings up the levels for 
> the CMedia.  Also, running envy24control -c 1 gives me the Delta 66.
> What else do I need to check/configure to get JACK to show the 
> appropriate connections available (with more descriptive names if 
> possible)?  And then what is wrong with Ardour that I can't do anything 
> with it because I can't add a track and there is no master track to 
> start with?

As to ardour I imagine you are creating a new session first? If you
don't do that, you can't add anything at all. Maybe you did that the
first time you launched it but forgot afterwards?

-- Fernando