[PlanetCCRMA] RH9 CCRMA CDROM Install Snag -- apt-get dist-upgrade

Barton Bosch bartonbosch@SoftHome.net
Tue Sep 28 18:55:02 2004

I've run into a problem trying to install the RH9 Planet on the new 
computer (Sempron 2800+) that I've built.  I'm limited to 56k so 
I've been using the 10/14/2003 CDROMs that I have used to install on 
my production machine (PIII 550).

Following the CCRMA docs included with the CDROMs everything has 
gone smoothly through installing apt, the CCRMA core, rebooting to 
the ll kernel.  But then in trying to run apt-get dist-upgrade the 
whole system freezes up when it tries to get glibc-common from the 

Any ideas what is up?

BTW, should I be running an 'athlon' optimized kernel?  Are there 
any other gotchas that I should be aware of when trying to run low 
latency/sound software on an athlon based machine vs a PIII?