[PlanetCCRMA] from pd to notation?

Oded Ben-Tal oded@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Sep 4 02:41:01 2004

> Oded Ben-Tal wrote:
> > Is it possible to write a midifile from pd (and how)?
> > 
> > I want it so I'll be able to get output of notelists into notation. Anyone 
> > has suggestions how to convert (midi-num, duration) list into notation? 
> > 
> > thanks
> > Oded
> > 
> Well, I think that Rosegarden would be my first choice, at least for 
> ease of conversion. If it turns out that RG doesn't render the printed 
> version very well then you could try Lilypond, although I think that is 
> more difficult to use.

The question is how exactly. Rosegarden does have an event-list editor but 
I couldn't find any option of importing an existing _text_ list into it (I 
have a text list of: {time midi-num velocity duration}, also in 
these lists 'time' is from previous event not from t=0). 

I also looked at lilpond and there I'll need to convert time in ms into 
1/4 note, tuplets etc. (and the music I'm trying to print isn't 
rhythmicaly regular, so the conversion will require calculations)

any ideas?