[PlanetCCRMA] planetCCRMA FC1 and 2.80c Hyperthreading

Louis Lam lshoujun@yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 00:25:02 2004


I didn't notice this earlier on during my installation of planetCCRMA FC1. After installation of
FC1 core, the default "kernel-to-boot" in grub was pointing at the smp kernel. Thinking that it
wasn't an issue, I just changed the default to the non-smp kernel. I installed the planetCCRMA LL
kernel for non-smp and have been booting up and using it.

The box that I was installing on has a intel 2.80Ghz, that has hyper threading support. In the
bios, i left it enabled by default.

The question is: does the current planetCCRMA LL kernel for FC1 that i've been using support
hyperthreading? I read some previous messages about this on the LAU mailing list regarding this
issue but in general that was not recommended.

I've been running tests with the latencytest-0.42-png and got less than satisfactory results.
Especially on X11 and disk copy tests. Now i don't know whether it is due to "HT enabled in BIOS"
but not using an smp kernel.

I'll go ahead and turn off HT in the BIOS and test, probably install the Distro from scratch to
see what happens.

The other question is: can i use HT to my advantage?

Please comment...

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