[PlanetCCRMA] batch process for splitting files at marked positions

Thomas Hilber PlanetCCRMA@toh.cx
Thu Oct 21 02:52:01 2004

Hi all,

I would like to perform following steps on a freshly installed CCRMA machine:

1. Record a radio station for several hours.
2. After recording I want skim the recording manually placing something
   like markers at start/end of interesting tunes. To save time during
   this 'manual' step no other modifications to the recording should take 
   place here.
3. From now on I want to start a fully automated batch process that splits
   the original recording at marked positions into single files. Batching
   should also include maximizing, shaping, fading, converting to a certain 
   audio format. All without manual intervention.
For step 1. (recording) audacity is well suitable. But after a first glance 
at other audio programs under PlanetCCRMA I can't find a program for 
step 2 (marking interesting positions) and step 3 (a batch process that 
understands the marks of step 2). 

Can anybody give me a few hints what programs under Linux could perform
step 2 and step 3?

Thank you in advance