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Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri Oct 8 05:20:02 2004


  I compile the vstserver and Kjetil's recommended WINE under Planet C's 
Red Hat 9 with a 2.4 kernel. I suspect you may be having problems 
associated with 2.6 kernels. If you have the disk space you might want 
to set up an alternate kernel release and see if the problem persists then.

  Has anyone else on this list tried compiling Kjetil's code under FC1/2 
with a 2.6 kernel ?

Best regards,


Timo Sivula wrote:

>>From: Dave Phillips <dlphilp@bright.net>
>>  I now have direct ftp access to the Quick Toots site and have updated 
>>the VST/i tutorial here:
>>        http://www.djcj.org/LAU/quicktoots/toots/vst-plugins/
>I would be very glad if there would be a vstserver and wine RPM pair
>that would work together as I currently cannot compile anything on my
>The PC hangs about halfway regardless of what I compile. I have been
>suspecting CPU overheating but lm_sensors say my CPU temp is 45C and it
>still freezes. This happens with both the CCRMA kernel and the Fedora
>2199 nptl kernel.
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