[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Reliability of the fc2 ccrma kernel?

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 19 16:20:02 2004

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 15:37, Mark Knecht wrote:
> On 19 Nov 2004 15:03:46 -0800, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
> <nando@ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 20:49, Mark Knecht wrote:
> > >    I got the kernel working on FC2. Had some trouble with grub. It
> > > seems to act a bit differently than on Gentoo. I do not understand...
> > 
> > Hmm, which kernel? I confused... The second build of S7?
> Good on my desktop: 
> /bzImage-2.6.9-rc2-mm4-VP-S7
> Bad on my desktop:
> vmlinuz-
> Keep in mind that I don't know how to optimize this kernel. What
> options are available? I don't have any documentation so most likely
> it's jsut problems caused by not knowing what to turn on and off. Is
> everything the same as mine?

The one you should or could try is
That one has the APIC enabled on uniprocessor machines, which I think
was the main issues that was different between your gentoo configuration
and mine. 

As to options, they share the same set as they are derived from the same
patches (S7). 

> > What is different, grub or the kernel? The kernel would be different I
> > guess from your tuned kernel, less options enabled if I remember
> > correctly.
> I think I didn't communicate this very well. Sorry. On my Gentoo
> laptop my grub.conf line looks like
> kernel (hd0,0)/boot/bzImage-blah
> but on my FC2 machine it made me enter it like the comment at the top
> of grub.conf:
> kernel (hd0,0)/bzImage-blah
> (I.e. - missing the path /boot)

Just a guess, but probably you have a separate boot partition in your
Fedora install, and the path is actually / at the time the kernel is
initially loaded (ie: grub looks at the boot partition directly). 

-- Fernando