[PlanetCCRMA] Wired?

David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Wed Nov 17 22:05:02 2004

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Decided to build it and made a build script.
This ran for me successfully on FC3.
I've since modified it so that it downloads the files automatically and 
tries to guess what directories they get unpacked into.
This is fairly untested but logical so it should work.

Build Notes:
libsndfile that comes with CCRMA doesn't have a devel version and 
doesn't include the header, so I build it manually.
It requires wxGTK-2.5+ so that gets downloaded and built too. Note that 
this is big and takes a while to build
Since this is all development stuff I recommend building into a separate 
directory (I use /usr/local/wired-0.1)
The patch to soundtouch is attached
Any feedback appreciated, also check out the wired forum on sourceforge 
if you need help building

Running Notes:
Changing the audio settings is horribly unstable, I ended up trying to 
change one setting a time and quitting and reloading in case it was 
going to crash. Eventually got the setup I wanted. Then fairly intuitive 
to use, but still crashes a lot :-)


Mark Knecht wrote:

>Tried to build it. Decided it wasn't worth my efforts right now to
>blaze any trails and backed off. They want you to edit Port Audio code
>files, or some other such stuff. Didn't personally have the patience
>and decided I'd wait for a Planet or Gentoo offering before spending
>any more time.
>On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 22:05:45 +0100, Björn Elenfors <bjoele@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Have anyone on the list tried Wired? http://bloodshed.net/wired/ was
>>presented on Slashdot the other day.
>>Have not downloaded it myself yet since I don't see what it'll give me
>>that I cant get with rosegarden/muse/ardour and the lack of LADSPA
>>support, but perhaps I've missed something?
>>PlanetCCRMA mailing list
>PlanetCCRMA mailing list

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--- SoundTouch-1.2.1/include/STTypes.h.orig	2003-12-27 14:04:38.000000000 +0200
+++ SoundTouch-1.2.1/include/STTypes.h	2004-11-17 12:39:02.789279679 +0200
@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@
     // Enable one of the following defines to choose either 16bit integer or
     // 32bit float sample type. If you don't have opinion, using integer samples
     // is generally faster.
-    #define INTEGER_SAMPLES       // 16bit integer samples
-    //#define FLOAT_SAMPLES       // 32bit float samples
+    // #define INTEGER_SAMPLES       // 16bit integer samples
+    #define FLOAT_SAMPLES       // 32bit float samples

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[[ $downloadpath == "" ]] && downloadpath=.
# portaudioarchive=portaudio-v19-snapshot-20040310.tar.gz
 echo downloading source archives into $downloadpath
 cd $downloadpath
 [[ -f $soundtoucharchive ]] || wget http://sky.prohosting.com/oparviai/soundtouch/$soundtoucharchive
 [[ -f $portaudioarchive ]] || wget http://portaudio.com/archives/$portaudioarchive
 [[ -f $wxarchive ]] || wget http://heanet.dl.sf.net/sourceforge/wxwindows/$wxarchive
 [[ -f $sndfilearchive ]] || wget http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/$sndfilearchive
 [[ -f $wiredarchive ]] || wget http://heanet.dl.sf.net/sourceforge/wired/$wiredarchive
 echo downloading complete
# setup to build into prefix...
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$wiredprefix/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
export PATH=$wiredprefix/bin:$PATH
# extract and build everything...
unzip $downloadpath/$soundtoucharchive
patch -p0 < soundtouch-wired-float.patch
 soundtouchdir=`unzip -l $downloadpath/$soundtoucharchive | grep "^[^/]*/$" | sed 's/^[ 0-9:\-]*//'`
 cd $soundtouchdir
 ./configure --prefix=$wiredprefix
 make install
tar xzf $downloadpath/$portaudioarchive
 cd portaudio
 ./configure --with-alsa --without-jack --prefix=$wiredprefix
 make install
tar xjf $downloadpath/$wxarchive
 wxdir=`tar tjf $downloadpath/$wxarchive | head -n 1`
 cd $wxdir
 ./configure --enable-gtk2 --prefix=$wiredprefix
 make install
tar xzf $downloadpath/$sndfilearchive
 sndfiledir=`tar tzf $downloadpath/$sndfilearchive | head -n 1`
 cd $sndfiledir
 ./configure --prefix=$wiredprefix
 make install
tar xzf $downloadpath/$wiredarchive
 export INCLUDES=-I$wiredprefix/include/
 cd wired
 ./configure --prefix=$wiredprefix
 make install