[PlanetCCRMA] no recording sound on fc1

Carl Bolstad Carl Bolstad <carl.bolstad@gmail.com>
Sat Nov 13 08:42:02 2004

> > My system apparently doesn't have QAmix, but it does have alsamixer.
> > It shows 9 different things to adjust:
> Hi Carl!
> Perhaps you should reply to the whole list, as I am not the best expert.

Oops, sorry - I'm not used to chatting with lists!

> The contents of your mixer reflects your hardware.  I checked
> Alsamixer for my hardware and the capture device is there to, but I
> have to scroll to the right to see it (use the arrow keys).  If I
> don't scroll I see roughly the same devices as you see. Also note in
> alsamixer that devices can be turned off using the M key, M as in
> mute.

That was it!! I had forgotten about the M key, and I never thought to
keep pressing the arrow to get to the "hidden" elements farther to the
right (how silly of me!). I just did it, and successfully made my
first recording with Audacity. Thank you thank you thank you!