[PlanetCCRMA] no recording sound on fc1

Björn Elenfors Björn Elenfors
Fri Nov 12 23:31:00 2004

Hi Carl!

> run, but I can't get any sound into them. For instance, I was trying
> to record from a stereo tape player into Ardour, but I can't get
> Ardour to register any sound coming in. I checked the output from the
> tape with headphones, and it seems ok.

Have you checked your mixer settings?  When I first started I had the
same problem as you, but after starting the QAmix mixer I saw that
there are three tabs with controls: "playback", "ext. source playback"
and "capture".  I have to go to the last of these to find the controls
for the sound coming from the line in into my audio applications.

When experimenting with this, maybe you should start with a simpler
application like Audacity which can record without Jack,, and then
you'll see if the sound card settings actually work.  Once you get
this working it's time to move on to jack (including it's patchbay, I
really recommend qjackctl which shows whats going on) and Ardour.

Hope this helps,