[PlanetCCRMA] kjournald configuration

Juan Reyes juanig@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 10 08:55:02 2004

Thanks a lot for your advice and tips. Looks like you are right. I tried
changing the values of virtual memory with the kernel-tuning tool on the
gnome-system tools menu and the situation seems to improve a bit.

Of course I decided to switch from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 to see if the
situation would improve. Funny - but things are the same. Looks that
these default values are for servers and not workstations. I am going to
look further for documentation about vm managing and if I could not find
enough I might bother you for some pointers. 

  --* Juan

On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 11:22, Rick B wrote:

> >
> Juan,
>     Kjournald probably isn't your problem and if it is you wouldn't 
> necessarily want to extend the time it writes journals to disk you would 
> probably need to shorten it. If you wait 30 seconds to write the journal 
> to disk that just means that there is going to be that much more to 
> write to disk, thus creating longer disk write times. But I don't 
> believe that's your problem as I've struggled with this issue before and 
> tuning my virtual memory has always solved the problem. By tuning vm to 
> write to disk more often in smaller chunks it will help if not cure your 
> problem. How to tune vm is dependent on which kernel you are using, the 
> 2.4 is easier to me because there is more documentation. With the 2.6 
> kernel it's harder as the powers that be switched how vm works on the 
> 2.6 kernel and the documentation is minimal. By the way if your using a 
> 2.6.9 kernel, there was a bug in kswapd that caused excessive disk 
> thrashing, but I'm sure Fernando would have patched that by now :-)
>                     Rick B