[PlanetCCRMA] AlmusVCU installing on FC1 PlanetCcrma

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Mon Nov 8 23:46:01 2004

> I would look for a source rpm (not the binary rpm) and try to rebuild
> it. Or install from source. Or go to the svgalib site (if there is such
> a thing) and see if they support packaging to rpms. If you manage to get
> this working let me know...
> BTW, so busy I have no time to look it up: what exactly is svgalib... I
> have a fuzzy idea but that's it.
> -- Fernando

I downloaded svgalib source from svgalib site, and found a "how to build
rpms fo Fedora Core" here:


Seems pretty easy, but I have some question: AlmusVCU needs svgalib develop
version to be compiled, now I have no idea how to build develop version
instead of user version.
The only thing I found looking in some svgalib documentation is that it is
possible to modify AutoMake.cfg file in order to install or not "static"
libraries, while "shared" ones will be installed always.

So do I have to activate "static" libraries option to build develop version?
(i.e. does static library option corrispond to develop version?)