[PlanetCCRMA] AlmusVCU installing on FC1 PlanetCcrma

Matthew Allen Matthew Allen <mtallen@gmail.com>
Sun Nov 7 08:45:04 2004

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 14:22:57 +0100, Michele Spinolo
<michele.spinolo@tin.it> wrote:
> I installed PlanetCcrma from CD-Roms modifing apt-get files to use them as
> archive: I was wondering if these libraries were avaible in those CD-Roms;
> otherwise I think the easier solution is to download them by another
> computer, burn on a CD and manually install.

back before my laptop traveled to work with me this is how I did all
of my ccrma updates on my home machine (no broadband, phone line a
little slow with apt-get dist-upgrade). However, before going out and
finding the rpm's I would definetly take a look at synaptic and see if
your apps are installed (I think gpm is installed with a base fedora
core, but I dont know if it has mouse wheel support).

> Regarding manual install I was wondering if "rpm -Uhv rpmname.rpm" command
> was enough to have these libraries properly installed.

this has always worked for me! Its not as pretty as apt-* because if
you dont meet all the dependencies of a package you have to go find
those, which without a net connection can become a pretty long and
painfull process (burn the rpm, take it home, find out you need 2 more
rpm's, wait until the next work day, burn those, take them home,
repeat). If you have possible net access I would install it. If you
are paranoid about the performance hit than when you go to do sound

(these are from memory, someone actually on a redhat box please
correct me if I am wrong, as I still havent gotten my wifi card to
work correctly under 2.6)

[soundbox]$ ifconfig eth0 down


[soundbox]# /etc/init.d/network stop