[PlanetCCRMA] AlmusVCU installing on FC1 PlanetCcrma

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Sun Nov 7 01:01:02 2004


I installed FC1, PlanetCcrma low-latency kernel, configured my soundcards,
updated my distribution, tweaked my HDs and installed Brutefir.

Know I'm going to install AlmusVCU, which requires the following libraries:

-Alsa (already installed)
-fftw3 (installed with BruteFir)
-Brutefir (installed)
*-ZLIB (develop version)
*-GPM with mouse wheel patch (optional)
*-NCURSES (develop version)

I was wondering if some of these packages were present in PlanetCcrma FC1
distro, and what name are they associated to.
In negative case is it enough to use the 'rpm -Uhv rpmname.rpm' command to
install these libraries after downloading the appropriate rpms?

Thank you very much!