[PlanetCCRMA] CCRMA on Mac FC2 / P5Glove OSC development

Macciza Macpherson raien@tpg.com.au
Sat Nov 6 06:11:04 2004

High All

Sorry for the dual topic but it seemed easier.

I saw that there is a dev branch for FC2 on Mac, if I got this running 
would this then be likely to run most of the Planet CCRMA package??

Sorry if this seems slightly OT but I thoght I remembered reading 
something about the p5glove in something related to the planet package 
and anyway there would be some good thoughts from this list as well, so 
here goes.
High All

I am currently developing/extending the address space for the P5 Glove 
and am seeking information and comment. I have read about a Wacom-OSC 
implementation that sounds very interesting and would like any 
information on this as possible (I have an early Wacom tablet as well) 
in order to develop something similar for the p5glove.

Currently the Mac implementation only sends a single bundle with 
'p5glove_data' as the address and all 11 parameter values following (3 
Buttons, 5 Fingers and XYZ location)  I have started to separate the 
buttons/fingers/location info by using multiple bundles inside the one 
master bundle - Is this the way to do it or is there a more efficient 

Initially I started with '/p5glove/button/' etc but have since realised 
that I also intend hacking the unit into non-glove configurations so I 
have been thinking /p5/glove/  so I could then have /p5/banana if I 
decide to implement a banana with the hacked unit; this would allow me 
to keep the addressing natural in downstream use. Any comments? And I 
guess I should keep the previous addressing for backwards 

Anyway I'm going to have a bit more of poke around with it all and see 
how it goes. Any contributions are welcome.


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