[PlanetCCRMA] Re: ccrma on laptop

Andres Cabrera andres@geminiflux.com
Thu Nov 4 17:45:02 2004

If you need the modem, try to find a laptop which doesn't have a 
Winmodem (though I think they're not that common), since you might have 
to buy the drivers for the modem to be useable (if it's a conexant modem 
like mine).
I've been very happy with the performance of my Dell Inspiron 8200. Not 
the latest but has been working very well with CCRMA.


> Hi All,
> I'm planning on buying a laptop computer and will definitely want to take
> advantage of what ccrma has to offer.  I'll be running Fedora Core Linux and
> using
> the system mainly for audio production. (which I currently do on my desktop
> machine)
> Is there anything I should watch out for when choosing a laptop for this
> purpose?
> Anything that works especially well or especialy poorly?
> Thanks so much,
> Stephen