[PlanetCCRMA] FC2 "experimental" kernel install dependency error

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Nov 4 09:47:03 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 22:43, Brad Fuller wrote:
> Tried to install the new FC2 ccrma kernel:
> # apt-get install planetccrma-core
> but received a conflict that 
> > file /usr/lib/libasound.so.2.0.0 from install of
> alsa-lib-1.0.5-1.cvs.rhfc2.ccrma conflicts with file from package
> libasound2.1.0.6-16.rhfc2.at

That's a conflict caused by unfortunate non-standard naming of the alsa
library packages at atrpms. I should (will in the next release) include
an "Obsoletes:" clause for them, but the proper fix will be for atrpms
to return to the "standard" naming of those packages ("standard" as in
"what all others do, including the base redhat/fedora distribution"). 

> A LOT of packages depend on the libasound2.10.06. Any way to get
> around this? 

You can either install the planetccrma-core critical components one by
one, or get rid of the libasound2 packages and replace them by the
equivalent alsa-lib packages (BTW, is there an explicit dependency on
libasound2?, there should not be one, try "rpm -q --whatrequires

For the first option, do an "apt-get install kernel" and you will see
the choices you have. The most conservative one for fc2 will be
kernel#2.6.7-1.437.1.ll.rhfc2.ccrma (that is the one "required" by
planetccrma-core), there are other more experimental kernels in the
"planetedge" repository. Those have better low latency performance but
are riskier to run[*]. 

I posted this a while ago:
> The best kernels I currently have for 2.6 are in the "experimental"
> repository, they have to be installed explicitly (not through a meta
> package), and they are only advertised in the mailing list. 
> Check this post for information on current latest bleeding edge
> kernel:
> http://ccrma-mail.stanford.edu/pipermail/planetccrma/2004-August/005879.html
> And follow the link inside for more details...
> Remember that before trying the apt-get install xxx. you have to add
> another line to the /etc/apt/sources.list (same as the planetcore
> line, but replacing planetcore with planetedge), and do an apt-get
> update. 

If you install either (edge or conservative), you also have available a
newer alsa than the one included in the kernel itself, for that do an:

apt-get install kernel-module-alsa

and again you will get choices. Explicitly install the one that matches
the kernel you just installed. 

-- Fernando

[*] I was hoping that by now the experimental voluntary-preempt patches
for very good low latency performance would have stabilized a lot, but
another approach was taken by Ingo Molnar and we now have a very new
"realtime-preempt" patch that promises to be even better. Regretfully it
is still quite unstable. I'm trying it out regularly and trying to
follow its development but I have not posted experimental packages yet
(let me know if any on the list needs to be a guinea pig).