[PlanetCCRMA] compiling from source with gcc/g++ on Fedora Core 1

Paul Barrett fractoid@mighty.co.za
Wed May 26 07:14:01 2004


I apologise if this belongs on another list.

I am attempting to compile a c++ program on linux for the
first time.  I have a slightly customised install of the
planetCCRMA FC1 release (with which I have so far been very

Unfortunately, I don't recall if there were options to
install or not install gcc/g++ during installation, or what
I would have selected at the time.

I get the following error on trying to compile:

"installation problem, cannot exec `cc1plus': No such file
or directory"

I can't find cc1plus anywhere on the system.  I also can't
find g++ (which is what was used in the Makefile,) although
I found references online that it had been included now in
newer versions of gcc (which, I assume, means you no longer
call it using g++ - that command was unrecognised.)

I've tried a couple of things I've found online, to no
avail.  I suspect the real problem here is a complete lack
of cc1plus.exe, so perhaps my installation of gcc is not

any help is much appreciated, even if just a pointer to a
good guide on setting up and using gcc.

is there a different compiler I could use on linux that
would be worth checking into?