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Brian Fahrlander brian@fahrlander.net
Sat May 22 23:12:02 2004

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   I was just thinking the other night about recording 'vital'
information for my friends and family, in the case of my death; all my
machines would probably just be wiped and sold for scrap if I don't
create a CDROM with instructions on it.

   So I have a webcam (Creative Webcam III) a headphone (stereo with
boom mike) and even a TV capture card. There must be a way to create an
Mpeg4-like tv stream that can be read/watched by anyone, that I can make
with these simple tools.

    But seeing the really, really, awful state of things like "Sound
Recorder" (it can't generate legal .wav files, fer cryin' out loud!)
things don't bode well for something to do the same thing with video.

    Is there any way to do this, without starting with a $700 HandiCam
first?  I need sound and video, both...

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