[PlanetCCRMA] alsa problem

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon May 10 14:44:03 2004

> A few weeks ago I istalled planetccrma at home (FEDORA).  I would like to use 
> midi, but things don't work. Sound form Cd or wav works fine, also the 
> AslaPlayer.
> I've tried Rosegarden, Ams and some "Jack" applications, nothing works.
> 1. Redhat-config-souncard:
> 	mODEL :YMF-740C [DS-1L Audio Controller]
> 	Modue: ymfpci
> 	Testsound ok, but I get a message:
> 	The ymfpci driver could not be loaded.  This soundcard may not be compatible 							
> with Red Hat Linux.

Well, you should not be using redhat-config-soundcard, that will
configure things for the OSS sound driver, not ALSA as is required by
most Planet CCRMA applications...

> 2.	Jack says: 	
> 	Couldn't open hw:0 for 32bit samples trying 24bit instead
> 	Couldn't open hw:0 for 24bit samples trying 16bit instead
> 	ALSA: cannot set number of periods to 2 for capture
> 	ALSA: cannot configure capture channel

It looks like somehow ALSA is indeed running. Try using a higher number
of periods, your soundcard cannot apparently work with only two. Use the
"-n" option to jackstart (like "-n 3", or higher). 

> 	cannot load driver module alsa
> 	22:52:10.250 JACK was stopped successfully.
> 	22:52:12.254 Could not connect to JACK server as client.
> 3.	ams says:
> 	You appear to be using the ALSA software "plug" layer, probably
> 	a result of using the "default" ALSA device. This is less
> 	efficient than it could be. Consider using a ~/.asoundrc file
> 	to define a hardware audio device rather than using the plug layer.
> 	Alsa_driver: can't set number of periods to 2.
> 	Alsa_driver: can't set playback hardware parameters.
> 	Can't connect to ALSA

Same problem here, but with alsa (ams is trying to use two periods). You
could use the "--frag" option for ams (start ams with "--help" to see
all available options). 

-- Fernando