[PlanetCCRMA] Trying to build module using Planet Kernel

jim ruxton cinetron@passport.ca
Sun May 9 14:32:01 2004

I'm trying to install wireless drivers from here 
http://www.fuw.edu.pl/~pliszka/hints/prism2.html. It means I need to 
have the planet kernel source to compile them. I downloaded 
kernel-2.4.26-1.ll.src.rpm from the planet and installed it. Is there 
anything else I have to do to get the source for the kernel. When I run 
the ./Configure file for the drivers I want to install I get:

Linux source directory [/usr/src/linux]:
Linux source tree /usr/src/linux is incomplete or missing!
    The kernel header files are present, but not  the full source code.

I have symlinked
 /usr/src/linux-2.4.26-1.ll.rhfc1.ccrma to /usr/src/linux . I may be 
misunderstanding something w.r.t. the kernel-2.4.26-1.ll.src.rpm . Do I 
have to run an rpmbuild command on the appropriate specs file??