[PlanetCCRMA] oxygen 8 ??

Tracey Anne Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Mon Mar 22 17:18:01 2004

A little while ago I got a m-audio radium 49 working with the planet.  The keyboerd was connected to Christy's mac and I wanted to see how easy it would be to get going on linux.

I was meaning to post something about it, since all of the info to set it up is on the net, but just a little scattered about.  It was a fun exercise in learning more about the usb subsystem, something I want to spend more time with(if I ever get the time).

Anyway, if you can't get it working, I'll try to post something.  I'd rather post something that was a bit detailed, so that Nando or some of the lau folks could include it somewhere if they wanted.  Time is not on my side on this one though.