[PlanetCCRMA] A french translation of Plant CCRMA site ?

Mirouf Linux mirouflinuxaudio@yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 21 12:51:03 2004


I'm a french sound engineer student, and I'm working
(for my end of study work) on the place and the
configuration of free software for professionnal using
(like Cinema post production , radio editing or music

One of the principal aim of my work is a french howto
for installation and configuration of a linux

I already use Planet CCRMA, and it's the center of
what i want to do, so I mainly use your documentation
on the Planet CCRMA site for writing my manual.

In fact, my question is : Did you know if anyone
already translate the Planet CCRMA site in french? It
would be helpful for me...

I'm not planning to translate the whole site, but just
the sections about installation, configuration, and
principal free software which will be useful for sound
engineer (like Jack, Ardour...)

So, thanks in advance

François G.


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