[PlanetCCRMA] GPG keys?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Mar 14 16:56:01 2004

> ah ha!  That explains why I've been having trouble since I tried to 
> upgrade KDE from the Fedora site.  It must have updated my apt 
> installation, which originally came from Planet CCRMA (as do all good 
> things).
> Can I just go back to the apt install that I orinally had? 

Yes, of course. You could download the Planet CCRMA apt rpms, erase the
current one you have and reinstall the old ones. You may need to rpm -e
--nodeps to ignore dependencies, probably just synaptic at this point. 

> Will that 
> then mean that I can't use the packages from the Fedora repository?  
> I'll live with that if I have to. 

You can use the packages if you add the proper sources.list urls (which
will probably be there as the change in apt version should not erase the
sources.list file, I think). 

But of course you have to pay attention to what it tries to upgrade, so
that you do not end up with the same apt again :-)

> By the way, the KDE upgrade hasn't been working either, presumably 
> because of the missing signatures.  I noticed that if I tried it by 
> using Synaptic, it said that it would remove alsa and some alsa-realted 
> pacages.  I didn't of course, but I was wondering why it would want to 
> do that.  Conflicting dependencies, I guess...

Probably. The KDE update comes from Fedora.us? If so, it should not bomb
with signature problems (unless you did not import the Fedora signature,
of course).

-- Fernando