[PlanetCCRMA] GPG keys?

Bruce Elliott belliott4488@comcast.net
Sun Mar 14 16:22:01 2004

ah ha!  That explains why I've been having trouble since I tried to 
upgrade KDE from the Fedora site.  It must have updated my apt 
installation, which originally came from Planet CCRMA (as do all good 

Can I just go back to the apt install that I orinally had?  Will that 
then mean that I can't use the packages from the Fedora repository?  
I'll live with that if I have to.  Good CCRMA is more important that the 
latest version of KDE.

By the way, the KDE upgrade hasn't been working either, presumably 
because of the missing signatures.  I noticed that if I tried it by 
using Synaptic, it said that it would remove alsa and some alsa-realted 
pacages.  I didn't of course, but I was wondering why it would want to 
do that.  Conflicting dependencies, I guess...

- Bruce

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>I'm not yet signing the packages and the Fedora.us apt package (which is
>what I presume you have installed) is compiled so that it does not allow
>you to install packages without a signature. Sigh... You have to install
>an apt package that does not do that. 
>-- Fernando