[PlanetCCRMA] Hydrogen-Clone: Lindrum?

Mr.Freeze theremin@free.fr
Thu Mar 11 09:33:01 2004

Check that new Jack-enabled Qt-based drummachine: Lindrum!

Unfortunately it requires qt-3.3 that i'm too lazy for now to install by hand...
"The graphical user interface was designed using designer from qt-3.3. The
resulting .ui files are tagged with this version. So when compiling the lindrum
with a version <3.3 the uic complains about an incompatible (newer) version. I'm
trying to solve this, for now you need qt-3.3"

It seems great, but what the point if both share nearly the same features?
Same desktop environment libraries choice, both Jack-enabled...
Why don't developpers work together then?
Freedom of choice?

I'd better have such an app handle more than one sample per voice to use some
velocity-triggering. I know... "why don't you implement that by yourself"...

Besides, what is the string to use to replace "Child Frame" on the hydrogen.conf
file to swap on the other Hydrogen interface mode? I don't often need the
pattern-based sequencer nor the song editor that are wasting my 15" workspace:
just the plain mixer! Hydrogen crashes whenever I try to save its preferences
within the GUI, got to edit hydrogen.conf by hand then...


(I didn't remember umlauts weren't part of ASCII charsets...)