[PlanetCCRMA] OpenMusic 4.7.2.beta released

Francois Dechelle Francois.Dechelle@ircam.fr
Thu Mar 11 07:08:01 2004

To explain you a bit more what is happening with OpenMusic on Fedora...

You can't quit using usual commands (either menu or lisp listener). The
program hangs and the only way to terminate it is by a signal.

This seems related to a threads problem. Once MidiShare is loaded,
threads are created to handle the MidiShare callbacks. Fedora core 1
thread library is nptl (Native POSIX Thread Library), but the CMUCL that
is used and packaged is a binary version that has *not* been compiled
using nptl, but the old one. I don't know if there are major
incompatibilities between the 2, but my guess is that is the reason of
the problem.


Le mer 10/03/2004 à 15:08, Francois Dechelle a écrit :
> Hello,
> Release 4.7.2 of OpenMusic is available at:
> ftp://freesoftware.ircam.fr/pub/openmusic/releases/4.7.2.beta
> This release integrates the changes made by Fernando for inclusion in
> Planet CCRMA and fixes some compilation issues on Fedora Core 1. With
> this version, you can run OpenMusic on Fedora.
> BUT note however that OpenMusic on Fedora have one important bug: it
> cannot quit... i.e. you need to kill it from another terminal (beware,
> the name of the process is ld-linux.so.2 ;-)
> François