[PlanetCCRMA] FC1 System Hangs after CCRMA installation

Greg Reddin gtreddin@yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 06:48:01 2004

I've recently intalled the Planet on my Fedora Core 1 box and am
experiencing some system hangs.

Due to a lack of time and a slow network connection, the installation
took a couple of weeks.  I just finished it this past weekend.  I
installed the CCRMA kernel, reinstalled my NVidia drivers, configured
ALSA, did a dist-upgrade, then installed Jack, Qjackctl, Jamin, and
Ardour.  I also did an apt-get update a couple of times in there.

I started noticing problems Tuesday.  After leaving the system
running overnight, it would not respond when I tried to log in
Tuesday morning.     It was completely hung, no network connection,
nothing.  I shut it down and restarted.  Then it hung trying to
recover the journal for /home.  I restarted again and it hung trying
to mount the root file system.  So I shut it down and waited about 30
sec. and it booted fine.  Then twice during the day it hung while I
was browsing the net or working.  I left it overnight and it was hung
again Wednesday morning.  So I restarted into the Fedora standard
kernel and everything has been working fine for a little over 24
hours now.

There's nothing in the syslogs to indicate a problem.  The closest
thing I could find is the following messages:

Mar  9 08:18:31 localhost kernel: ..MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not
connected to IO-APIC
Mar  9 08:18:31 localhost kernel: ...trying to set up timer (IRQ0)
through the 8259A ...  failed.
Mar  9 08:18:31 localhost kernel: ...trying to set up timer as
Virtual Wire IRQ... failed.
Mar  9 08:18:32 localhost insmod: insmod: insmod bt-proto-3 failed

Any idea what's going on?  I can send any info you need.  Just let me


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