[PlanetCCRMA] Re: OpenMusic

Steven Yi kunstmusik@hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 13:06:01 2004

Hi Patrice,

Thanks very much for the status information.  I'd personally like to check 
out the software on Fedora even if it requires force-quitting.  I've been 
wanting to test out the program for the past year or two but never was able 
to get it compiled, so being able to check it out even in the state it is in 
would be appreciated very much.


>OpenMusic is not yet available for Fedora Core 1.
>François Déchelle have successfully build it on Fedore Core 1 +
>PlanetCCRMA but OpenMusic doesn't quit.
>This seems to be related to the mix between Native Posix Thread Library,
>CMUCL and MidiShare.
>We still looking for a solution, but maybe it's time for a release, even
>if it still need to be kill in a terminal.
>I don't think we will find a solution in a short amount of time.

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