[PlanetCCRMA] USB-MIDI + Triton EX

Jason Balicki kodak@frontierhomemortgage.com
Wed Jun 30 06:30:02 2004

Peter Howard <mailto:pjh@coastal.net.au> wrote:
> What do you see in /proc/asound ?  I have had the following
> combinations appear there:

When I first boot my SB Live is sometimes listed in
/proc/asound as card 0.  If it's not, a restart of
alsasound will bring it up, but not the USB devices.
For that I have to replug them, then they will show
up as card1 and card2.

Even if the SB Live is there at boot, I still have
to replug the USB devices, both at boot and any time
I restart alsasound.

I haven't had any luck yet with the Triton.  According
to the manual you *do* need a driver for WindowsXP for
it to work, but not OSX.  That leads me to believe that
there's no firmware download needed.  I can load the oss
usb-midi driver and it attaches to the card, but I can't
seem to get it working in ALSA.

What's the name of the "generic" usb midi keyboard in alsa?
Meaning, the equilivent of whatever OSX is using as a
generic usb midi device in order to see the Triton.  Does
one exist in alsa?

> Running alsaconf makes card0 appear (if it wasn't there) but sometimes
> (not always) that makes card1 disappear and I have to do the same
> "plug out / plug in" step.

I've not run alsaconf, so I don't know if I would have the
same symptoms.
I'm using an old (well, couple yeas old, anyway) G-box
(similar to a shuttle) mini P3 system.  I think I'm
going to have to bite the bullet and switch everything
over to my main machine that's a P4 1.2Ghz box, especially
considering I can't even close the case of the G-box since
in order to accomidate the SB Live I had to move the
CPU fan so that it sticks out the side.  Yeah, it's
quite rigged.  Anyway, I guess I'll just wipe my
main system out and start from scratch.  Should I just
stick with FC1, or is there a better base to build on?
My main system is an old RH 7.3 install, so I know
I can't stick with that.