[PlanetCCRMA] Joy with FC2 and XP!

Chris Camacho chris_camacho@yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 13:09:01 2004

Well finally something that didn't work, what fun!

Seriously though if you intend to boot FC2 and XP do so

The way linux address's disk has apparently changed, the result
CAN lead to the winxp boot mechanism failing beyond the ability 
fixboot and fixmbr.

Here's what I got working in the end.

I verified that my bios was in LBA mode not AUTO (not too sure about
this one, but it worked for some)

make sure that your extended partition is aligned to cylinder
verifying this can be somewhat problematic between different partition

If you are not too sure with linux partition tools (There seems 
to be some indication parted may exacerbate things) then partition
8 will give an indication of whether you are on a cylinder boundary by
right clicking on the partition and selecting info.

I experimented with a number of different strategies and in the end
the only thing that seemed to make a difference was keeping
partitions aligned to cylinders.

In the end I've plumped for 1 primary ntfs partion for winxp, the rest
of the disk is an extended partition, inside are 2 ntfs partitions 1
for swap and 1 for applications, and then finally 1 ext3 and 1 swap

Anyhow I hope this saves some time, remember to back up you partition


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