[PlanetCCRMA] Good Motherboard for Planet CCRMA?

Rick Sutphin sutphinc@bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 28 16:44:01 2004


I have been trying to set up a computer for use with Planet CCRMA. The 
computer I built has a Biostar M7NCD motherboard, with an Athlon 2500+ 
and 1G PC3200 RAM.

I have tried fresh installs with both Fedora Core 1 (on board networking 
not supported), and Fedora Core 2. The computer runs fine with the stock 
kernel. When I install the Planet CCRMA low latency kernel, the  
computer locks up hard and can only be shut off by shutting it off by 
the power supply. I could probably get everything working all right by 
patching and hand compiling the kernel, but I don't really want to have 
to go through all of that every time a new kernel is released. 
Furthermore, nVidia the chipset maker, and Biostar the motherboard 
manufacturer both seem to have only luke warm support for Linux.

Over all it appears the board is poorly supported under Linux. I was 
wondering if someone could recommend a board that is well supported 
under Linux; I am currently considering a Tyan board.