[PlanetCCRMA] Best latency?

Jaakko H Kyro jkyro@pp.htv.fi
Mon Jun 28 05:18:01 2004

On Thursday 24 June 2004 03:24, Timo Sivula wrote:
> Hello,
> what kind of latencies do you get with the planet CCRMA 2.4.26 kernel? I
> have been playing around with the jack settings and the best I can get
> with virtually no xruns is 23.2 msec using 256 frames per period and 4
> periods per buffer. Has anybody gotten any better?
> I have been told that 15 ms would be a good value for a music machine.
> is this true? Seems not to be possible to reach such a value with my PC.
> Using
> Celeron 2G, 396 MB RAM, FC1 with CCRMA kernel.

What kind of video hardware? Just found out thet using the NVidia proprietary 
drivers is bad. Use the nv drivers supplied with XFree instead if doing audio 

Jaakko Kyrö