[PlanetCCRMA] Help: CCRMA Kernel 2.4.26 unstable

Jorma R rjorma@jippii.fi
Sun Jun 20 15:16:01 2004


This is actually OT but anyway,

I've had trouble with the 2.4.26 kernel on FC1 too: my USB soundcard 
refused to work with Jack on this kernel version.

It worked well on all previous versions (.22, .24, .25) on RH 9 and 
works well on the .22 on FC1. I recently updated my box to FC1 and had 
the trouble.

I can not really say what caused the failures - the kernel was just 
complaining that there is no driver for snd-usb-audio even if I had all 
ALSA packages installed properly.

Just a shred of information but anyway...


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