[PlanetCCRMA] Can't compile ATI apgart module on 2.4.26 ll kernel, RedHat 9

Craig Maloney craig@ic.net
Sun Jun 20 08:52:01 2004


I've tried compiling the ATI apgart module under RedHat 9, with no
success. Here is the output:

ATI module generator V 2.0
patching 'highmem.h'...
skipping patch for 'drmP.h', not needed
skipping patch for 'drm_os_linux.h', not needed
probing for VMA API version...
doing script based build for kernel 2.4.x and similar
compiling './agpgart_be.c'...
compiling './agp3.c'...
compiling './i7505-agp.c'...
compiling './nvidia-agp.c'...
compiling './firegl_public.c'...
In file included from
                 from firegl_public.c:285:
redefinition of `__cmpxchg'
`__cmpxchg' previously defined here
compiling failed - object file was not generated

Any ideas why this is happening?


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