[PlanetCCRMA] Help me with keyboard connection

Jason Balicki kodak@frontierhomemortgage.com
Wed Jun 16 06:28:02 2004

Martin Beard <> wrote:
> card port to connect to. I wonder if I have all the correct sound
> card modules loaded or if my onboard soundcard ( SIS7012 / intel8x0 0
> will not support the midi port  ( from joystick ).

These pages might help:


It appears that your particular card has difficulty with midi,
but there has been some success.  It's telling when the comments
on the page say "I finally got midi working with my intel8x0." :)

FWIW, I had similar difficulty with the on-board sound card
on my little shuttle type box that I'm using for music.  I
ended up with a USB MIDI controller and a soundblaster live
in the box.  The SB live was particularly fun because the one
PCI slot in the system requires a riser card that doesn't quite
lift the card above the CPU.  I had to take off the CPU fan and
physicaly move it over a couple of fins to make the card fit,
now the SB live is at an angle and I can't close the case.  Gak.