[PlanetCCRMA] re install snag

Bryon White whiteacres@worldnet.att.net
Tue Jun 8 17:31:02 2004

Thanks for the response Jose. When I put the CD in the GUI shows it on the
desktop but when I clicked on it there
it showed the .iso but did not know how to open it. I was finally able as
root to mount -o loop -t  iso9660 the file name
with mount point /mnt/cdrom. Then I was able to apt-cdrom add -m for no
mount. The gui cd rom icon then showed the
files. I was not able to dismount the cdrom as it was hung. I had to do a
power off to get it out. Not pretty but I probably need to change something
like autorun or add something to fstab. At least I can get on to the next
step in my journey. I am sure I will have more road blocks but the
intructions are good. I have not got a sound card yet and need one with
Adat. I am
looking at the recommended ones on the ALSA site. Any sugestions for a easy
to use reasonably priced one would be