[PlanetCCRMA] audio permissions

Justin H Haynes Justin@Haynes.net
Sat Jun 5 21:06:02 2004

I'm using RedHat FC1.  When you are using the session manager, which is 
the default thing to be doing, and you log in, the audio devices get 
owned by the person logging in and their permissions are 0600.  Thats 
fine, but when that person logs out and I log in, they dont' change back 
for me. 

I suspect this is something GNOME does, since I use windowmaker and its 
not happening for me.

Normally I would just chown justin /dev/audio (and /dev/dsp /dev/mixer 
etc etc), put that in a script and have it run whenever i log in, but I 
would rather know what actually causes it so I can change it at its root 
if possible.